Franken Turbine End Mills

The new end mill program FRANKEN Turbine contains solid carbide milling tools for roughing and finishing of turbine blades, impellers and other complex 5-axis components.

These parts are often made from materials, which are difficult to cut and challenge the milling tools tremendously. The new end mill program FRANKEN Turbine has been developed especially for these applications and is suitable for machining of stainless steel materials, titanium alloys, nickel-, cobalt- or iron-base alloys.

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TiNox-Cut End Mills

Solid carbide end mills TiNox-Cut for roughing and finishing

Solid carbide end mills TiNox-Cut with NRF roughing-finishing profile

Solid carbide end mills TiNox-Cut for finishing

HSS end mills TiNox-Cut with HR roughing profile

HSS end mills TiNox-Cut for finishing

Designed especially for stainless and difficult-to-machine materials, these milling cutters are available with different cutting geometries and different corner radii. In order to permit a maximum cutting depth, the shanks are relieved behind the cutting part.

Solid carbide end mills Duplex

Solid carbide end mills MULTI-Cut „Duplex“

Solid carbide end mills Jet-Cut „Duplex“

These milling cutters permit pocket and slot milling (2D) as well as complex 3D operations like copy and high-feed milling with only one tool. A ground double-radius geometry in the face area allows highest feeds with suitable axial depth-of-cut values.

HSS end mills Alu-Cut

HSS end mills Alu-Cut for roughing

HSS end mills Alu-Cut for finishing

This new end mill line expands on the successful solid carbide Alu-Cut ­programme for the milling of aerospace aluminium.
The proven Alu-Cut design, combined with the advantage of powder ­metallurgical high speed steel, ensures maximum machining volumes and guarantees highest process reliability even under unstable conditions.
Our PM-HSS end mills, Alu-Cut, are adapted to modern milling strategies; coolant-lubricant (IK) holes ensures that chip evacuation even performs at a high depth of cut. The Alu-Cut programme consists of roughing and finishing tools in short, long and extra long version.

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