Machine taps…

…with long flutes and long shank

Rekord 2A-Z-IKZ-LF-GLT-1 and Rekord 2D-Z-IKZ-LF-GLT-1
Depending on the material to be machined, the extended cutting part and the long chip flutes of these machine taps permit the production of thread depths up to 4 x d1. These machine taps are now available in sizes from M20 to M48.

Machine cold-forming taps…

…with long shank

InnoForm 2-H-SN-IKZ-LF-TIN-T26 and
InnoForm 2-H-SN-IKZN-LF-TIN-T26

With these machine cold-forming taps, large thread sizes from M24 to M48 can be reliably cold-formed. Depending on the material to be cold-formed the long neck permits the production of thread depths up to 4 x d1. Deep threading applications do not cause a problem for our cold-forming taps.

Machine taps and cold-forming taps…

…with extra long shank

Rekord 1/2DF-STEEL-LS-TIN, Rekord 1/2DF-Z-IKZ-LS-TIN,
InnoForm 1/2-Z-SN-LS-TIN-T1 and InnoForm 1/2-Z-SN-IKZ-LS-TIN-T1

Threads with bad access can be easily machined with these tools. Now, also available with TIN coating and internal coolant-lubricant supply.

Machine cold-forming taps…

…for large thread sizes

InnoForm 2-H-SN-TIN-T26 and InnoForm 2-H-SN-TIN-T26
With these machine cold-forming taps, large thread sizes up to M64 or to a pitch of 6 mm can be reliably cold-formed even in steel materials.

Twist drills EF-Drill-VA

Specially made for the machining of austenitic stainless steels, the twist drills EF-Drill-VA are available in the designs acc. DIN 6537 short (3 x D) and long (5 x D).

Chamfer drills EF-Drill C-VA

Upon request, with respect to our drill design EF-Drill C-STEEL, a chamfer drill type EF-Drill C-VA is also available; this one as with our twist drill EF-Drill-VA – is specially designed for the machining of austenitic stainless steels.

Drill thread mills with 4 flutes


Due to an optimized geometry and to the specific arrangement of the ­drilling and milling flutes, machining times can be reduced. Also, the ­improved smoothness of operation will lead to increased tool life.

Thread milling cutters…

…with increased number of flutes




An increased number of flutes, plus a redeveloped geometry and a general optimization in relation to the standard GSF and GF series, permit faster machining, a smoother operation, and, as a result, increased tool life.

Circular thread milling cutters


For the production of internal threads from M1. The multi-tooth design permits faster machining and longer tool life than would be possible with a single-tooth tool.
Suitable for difficult applications and for high-strength materials.

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