Optimized Clamping System for Micro Machining

FRANKEN launches an extension of its proven powRgrip®-clamping system which reduces the interference contour  of the tool holder and expands the area of application for milling and drilling tools.

The powRgrip®-clamping system stands for a quick, simple and safe clamping of tools by means of mechanical pressure and without heating up the toolholder.

The new PG 6 collets extend the application range of the powRgrip®-clamping system for both milling and drilling tools.  Its target area is in particular the micro-machining sector which is increasingly becoming more important in the watchmaking industry, dental technology, medical engineering, and in the optical and electrotechnical industry. High revolution speeds of the  machine spindles, smallest tool diameters and highest accuracy requirements pose extremely high demands on the toolholder.

These requirements are perfectly met with the  unique clamping principle of the powRgrip®-system. It offers a run-out accuracy of <3 microns and a precise length adjustment repeatability of <10 microns in the tool change. The design based vibration reduction results in an excellent surface quality of the workpiece and a much longer tool life. In addition the powRgrip®-clamping system  shows a higher durability in comparison with conventional  clamping systems because it is not subject to heat induced deformation and the collets are fitted with a special coating. Even after 20,000 tool changes, the transferable torque and run-out accuracy are the same as in new condition.

Furthermore, with the addition of the smallest collet size PG 6, it became possible to reduce the interference contours of the toolholder from Ø 16mm to Ø 10mm and this way to expand the areas of application. The PG 6 collets reliably clamp tool shanks from 0.2 to 3.175mm with h6 tolerance.  Above all, the PG6 collets are suitable for use with internal coolant-lubricant supply.

In order to press the new PG6 collets into the collet chucks, the clamping units had to be modified. Both clamping units, the automatic PGU 9006 and the manual working unit PGC 2506, offer adapted clamping inserts, pressure gauge and pump. The collet chucks for the  PG 6 collets are offered with MAS403/ BT30, HSK-A40, HSK-E25, HSK-E32, HSK-E40 and cyl. 10 shanks.

powRgrip® is a registered trademark of company REGO-FIX AG.

Softsynchro® Modular…

…with length compensation screw

Softsynchro® Modular/IKZ and Softsynchro® Modular/MQL
The latest model series Softsynchro® Modular combines the well-proven patented technology of the Softsynchro® minimum length compensation with the required flexibility of tool equipment in modern production. The modular set-up allows the length adjustment of threading tools with male or female centered tool shanks. The HSK shank adaptation to the machine spindle can be adjusted for 1- and 2-channel minimum quantity lubrication systems as well as fluid lubrication. The loss-free transfer of the lubrication medium and the effectiveness of the Softsynchro® technology result in a clear improvement of the thread cutting process and are unique on the tap holder market.

SAFE-LOCK™ – the new clamping technology

Shrink-fit chucks with additional axial pull-out protection

Sophisticated roughing operations in High Performance Cutting (HPC) ­demand extremely high clamping forces, which usually can only be reached by form closed clamping (e.g. side-lock).
The cause of this pull-out happens due to a micro-creeping motion of the tool inside the chuck, as is the case when using shrink-fit chucks with high cutting-speeds and high pull-out forces.
The combination of spiral-fluted grooves in the tool shank ends, gripped by form closed drive keys inside the chuck and the counter-rotating load on the cutting-edge provides an enhanced fixing of the tool.

Shrink-fit chucks combined with SAFE-LOCK™ provide several advantages:

  • suitable for High Performance Cutting (HPC)
  • high-precision clamping by shrink-fit technology
  • high torque due to form closed clamping inside the chuck
  • no loss of accuracy
  • no pull out or spinning of the tool inside the chuck
  • no damages on work piece or machine
  • helical grooves on the tool shank, designed in opposite cutting-direction to pull the tool into the chuck
  • EMUGE-FRANKEN can offer both holders as well as tools with SAFE-LOCK™ technology

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